When your car is running smoothly, you may not give vehicle maintenance a second thought. You naturally expect your vehicle to transport you and your family safely to your destination, and you trust it to respond quickly to your touch.

However, when your vehicle acts up, you can’t depend on it. You never know if it might fail while you are traveling to work, or you may worry that the brakes won’t stop your vehicle in an emergency.

At First Klass Transmission and Auto Care, we want you to feel confident when you drive your vehicle.  To ensure that your vehicle remains dependable, we provide quality automobile repair.

In addition to our general auto repair services (such as diagnostic tests and oil changes), we offer more focused repairs that will improve your car’s overall performance.

When you bring in your vehicle for automobile repair, you can count on us to quickly isolate problems with your transmission or electrical system.  We’ll recommend whether you need a quick repair or a full replacement.


Axle Repair

</p> <p>We have years of experience doing axle repairs.</p> <p>

Brake Repair

</p> <p>Let us make sure your brakes are keeping you safe.</p> <p>

Clutch Repair

</p> <p>Clutch repair requires experienced technicians.</p> <p>

Differential Service

</p> <p>This service should be done every 30,000 to 50,000 miles.</p> <p>

Drive Line Repair

</p> <p>Driveshaft replacement is a major repair.</p> <p>

Transmission Repair

</p> <p>We specialize in transmission repair.</p> <p>

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about your vehicle

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